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Project Description

Heavy Resistance Bands

Heavy resistance bands are a good way to exercise. Compared to free weight training, the sports belt is lightweight, compact and easy to carry. You can hide them in your desk drawers, glove compartments, or carry them in your suitcase, briefcase or wallet. Resistance bands are cheap, they can be used in a variety of ways, from upper body training to balance, coordination and strength training. Rehabilitation facilities and fitness centers around the world often use resistance bands for nearly a century.

Heavy duty resistance bands does not rely on gravity to provide resistance. This allows you to get more types of exercises, such as side kicks, boxing, twisting the body, and swinging with your arms or legs. You can reflect your daily activities to strengthen your muscles for daily tasks and/or maintain the body movements needed to help prevent injuries during the game. Exercising these muscles can help alleviate the damage you may be doing while doing some activities, such as taking a sleeping child, carrying a heavy box, or enjoying your favorite sport.

Detail Parameters
Material Extra heavy resistance bands
Size 2080*4.5mm
Width 6.4-102 mm
Color Red, Green, Black, Purple, Blue, Orange and so on.
Weight 59g-888g
Usage Workout, Fitness, Yoga
Feature Eco-friendly,Water-proof,Non-slipping, Nontoxic, Comfortable
Certification 6P/EN71/CE/REACH/UV
Packing Each piece is packaged with OPP film. Or as customer required.
MOQ 500 piece