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Project Description

Resistance Band Stretches for Shoulders

Compared with the training of large instruments (dumbbells, barbells, fixed instruments, etc.), therapy stretch bands has a very obvious advantage, it can not be replaced, it has a good complementarity.

Before beginning to introduce how to use the yoga resistance strap for general training, It is recommended that you first step on one end with your foot and pull the elastic band with one hand. The poor quality foot stretch band may be broken, so the inspection procedure is indispensable. Then look at the length of the elastic band, it is best to bundle 2-3 turns in your hand to ensure that the movement does not miss, the length is enough. Warm up before training, you can climb, jump rope, and run.

The purpose is to increase the body temperature and prevent the muscles from being too stiff, which is not conducive to exercise. Remember to use the physiotherapy stretch bands, because the tension has always existed and the direction of movement is easy to shift, in addition to the focus control, but also slow down the speed of each action, to avoid the pilates rubber resistance bands vigorously rebound.

Fields of application: rehabilitation, shaping, upper limb function training, functional training.

Advantages: easy to carry and widely used.

Detail Parameters
Material Stretching Rubber for Exercise
Size 1500*150*0.35mm
Thickness 0.25-0.8 mm
Color Custom Pantone color
Weight 75g
Usage Workout, Fitness, Yoga
Feature Eco-friendly,Water-proof,Non-slipping, Nontoxic, Comfortable
Certification 6P/EN71/CE/REACH/UV
Packing Each piece is packaged with OPP film.Or as customer required.
MOQ 500 piece