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Wuxi IUSummer Tech Co., LTD is a professional yoga products manufacturer with 12 years’ experience in China. We could provide our customers with best quality products at aggressively low prices. We offer a full line of the best yoga mats, foam rollers, blocks, gym balls, yoga mat bags, anti-slip dot socks and wheels. Whether you’re importers, brands, wholesalers or retailers, we have what you are looking for.

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Introduction of IUSummer
Make people healthier and happier is our mission, from manufacturing to cross-border trade e-commerce, we always maintain a high-speed development. Take the market and the users as the center, providing customers with better products and services are IUSummer’s eternal principles. In line with “customer, workmates, team, struggle, thanksgiving” corporate values, we will continue to go beyond ourselves, as always with you and seek common development, create brilliant!

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Sales professional 95
Product customization 90
Product diversity 99
Convenient transportation 100
Service satisfaction 98